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I did not mean to suggest you were wanting to anything illegal
But just pointing out there are going to thousands of feature films
That may never be available for streaming

> Jessica Rosner wrote:
>> Not unless educational institutions want to willingly break the law.
>> It may well become as easy as pressing a button to download any movie ever
>> made ( per that old commercial with the motel) but certain rights holder
>> simply will not agree and there is no way that Congress is going to pass a
>> law saying that as long as you pay someone X fee you can download
>> something
> Not speaking at all of breaking the law, but of being forced economically
> of using material which can be legally streamed or digitized. Educational
> institutions are spending fortunes on new technologies as requested by
> faculty and they are already complaining about VHS. So my prediction has
> to do with technological availability rather than law. I've seen what they
> have turned to with previously alluded to journal accessibility. And they
> are the ones who chose.
> Jerry
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