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Hi. We check each av item as it is returned, as I tell patrons, to make
sure the item is in the case, the item is ours, and that noone took a
bite out of it.(usually, the patrons smile at the last). However, we
only check when problems are reported. I have had several dvds returned
that have reported problems - skipping, pixiling, sound drops, etc., but
after I clean them and watch them (I'm seeing movies I never felt the
need to watch), usually, the movie is fine. I don't check the extra
stuff. We also will listen to music, and another staff member listens
to any audiobooks with reported problems.

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Gateway* Hi all,
This is directed primarily to public libraries. We have been looking
at and cleaning fingerprints, etc. as necessary off each DVD as it is
returned. However, our circulation is now up to 17,000 per month and it
is very time consuming.
How many other public libraries check each disc as it is returned? And
if you don't, do you have many problems with the wrong discs being
returned on your case or patrons reporting problems with playing the
discs that are not clean?
Yesterday we had a local video store's disc returned in our case and
one disc of a two disc set was not returned. These are some of the
problems we discover by checking each disc.
Any information you could pass my way will be helpful as we look at
this problem. Thanks, Karen Fischer AV Librarian Mansfield Richland
County Public Library Mansfield, OH
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