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We offer cell biology programs that have very recent production dates: 2002
and forward. Visualizing Cell Processes was released in 2002 and is
undergoing an update for release in January 2007. Inside the Living Cell
was produced in 2004 and is for introductory cell biology.

Read the reviews, view previews, and download the free teaching guides at

Thank you!

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Hello all,

A professor has recently requested several biology titles from Films for
the Humanities. While I am happy to get them for her, looking at the
dates, I can't help but wonder if these titles (the Living Body series,
1984, the New Living Body series, 1995 and the Genetics series, 1997)
have been replaced by something more recent. Have any of you come across
newer material in these areas? It seems a bit odd to spend over $1000.00
on science tapes that are ten years old.


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