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Generally, we just keep them on reserve for the semester to accommodate
immediate viewing interest (i.e. "I need to watch for extra credit").

On the rare occasions that we decide that the recording should be added
to the collection for posterity sake, we'll send it up for full
cataloging after a few months on reserve. Original cataloging, often
with incomplete information, is not a rush job.
Some things go to the university archives collection rather than the
library collections.

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I'd be interested in hearing feedback from those in academic libraries
who house 'local campus productions' in their collections.

'Local campus production' could include everything from CD to VHS to DVD

recordings that document performances/recitals/workshops/presentations
or lecture series that take place on campus, usually involving students
or faculty or visiting artists/lecturers.

Do you address these productions in your library collection policy(ies)?

What level or details of cataloging do you assign to these items?

Thank you to all who reply.

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