[Videolib] Re: Local Productions

Ang Romano (angelar@elmhurst.edu)
Tue, 07 Feb 2006 14:00:25 -0600

We're kind of a mess here. Any time a lecturer has granted us
permission to catalog a lecture/presentation, we do so IF a professor
has requested the tape. I believe we have copied a lecture from tape to
tape to preserve material, but only with the permission of the lecturer,

Another uncatalogued collection of these lectures resides in the
Instructional Media Center, as opposed to here in the library. Those
are the tapes that we haven't received permission to catalog. At some
point in the future we would like to bring those over to the library,
but are waiting for the semester to end for that; we are also unsure how
having an uncatalogued collection of videos would work within the
structure of the catalogued collection. Lots of questions.

I think that we also have some lectures on tape in the Archives, and
those are catalogued by a different system than in the library. I don't
think those are accessible for regular instructional use.

Ang Romano

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