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We have quite a few campus productions in our collection. We are not the
repository of all campus produced non-print programs. We put these items in
our collection only if an instructor requests we do so for his/her students
to use. Once here, though, they tend to stay until they literally fall
apart. We provide as much cataloging information on them as we do on
anything else, provided the information is available. You would probably not
be surprised how much information the producers of these programs do not
collect. We have always felt that once we received these programs for use
in/with a class, they deserve the same treatment as anything else we add to
the collection to support classroom instruction.
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> Greetings,
> I'd be interested in hearing feedback from those in academic libraries
> who house 'local campus productions' in their collections.
> 'Local campus production' could include everything from CD to VHS to DVD
> recordings that document performances/recitals/workshops/presentations
> or lecture series that take place on campus, usually involving students
> or faculty or visiting artists/lecturers.
> Do you address these productions in your library collection policy(ies)?
> What level or details of cataloging do you assign to these items?
> Thank you to all who reply.
> Sebastian
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