assalamuolakum,CAN I TRUST YOU,

mr asan houseni (
Thu, 2 Feb 2006 23:52:55 +0100

Hello Dear,
In view of my difficulties and problems in this country, I'm so pleased to have found someone like you in whom I can confide or at least talk to. My name is asan houseni, a Liberian. I am here in Senegal as a refugee. I arrived here a year ago during the peak of our national crises (civil war) My father, ousman houseni was a military personel in the rebel camp. While serving in the Army, he deposited the sum of seven million one Hundred thousand USD cash($ 7.1 million us dollars cash) to my mother for my life inheritance.In a finance and security company here in Dakar Senegal.
He (my father) drowned in a river while attempting to cross during a battle with the government troops. I'm using this opportunity pleading for you to help me retrieve this money and transfer it into your account pending when I will come over to your country for investment. You will be compensated for all your efforts in actuallising this transaction with 15 percent of the total sun involved.
I expect your response immediately you receive this proposal.
I wait to hear from you soon through this email (
Yours Sincerely,
asan Houseni