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Matthew Ballard (
Wed, 01 Feb 2006 12:30:31 -0800

We have been using, David Wright from there posts to this
list ( We have been very happy with their service
(we are actually about to send another batch out once the purchase order is

The discs come back looking like new, and it is definitely cheaper then
replacing discs (especially when we take into account man-power to process
new discs and supplies on top of the replacement disc vs. less than $3 to
repair), and also especially when it is part of a multi-disc set. They
have successfully repaired everything we have sent them, the only
disadvantage is that with double sided discs, the label sometimes goes away
with the scratches.

Also, when we have considered sending them out vs. getting our own repair
machine, for our volume I don't think we can really justify the cost and time.

Matthew Ballard
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