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Check out

The HUAC film itself is nowhere that I've been able to
determine...the ACLU's counter-attack film, "Operation Correction" is
available for download from the Internet Moving Image Archive.

>I am aware of the 2003 videolib discussion between Patricia McGee
>and Brigid Duffy about a source for "Operation abolition."
>The Pregent Visual Productions site mentioned in that exchange looks
>dubious to me.
>Does anyone know of a source for this title? I understand that it
>was made by a private producer who did not have copyright permission
>to make it. But if no one had permission then, perhaps now 40-some
>years later, might the question of copyright be moot? Please don't
>tsk! tsk! me -- I'm just wondering at what point something goes into
>the public domain and becomes available once again.
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