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>Date: Thu 26 Jan 22:21:40 EST 2006
>From: Ted Nannicelli <tnannic@temple.edu>
>Call for papers: Luis Bunuel and "The Documentary Tradition"
>(Abstracts/ Proposals due by July 21)
>2006 Film and History League Conference "The Documentary Tradition"
>November 8-12, 2006
>Dolce Conference Center
>Dallas, Texas
>Panels are now forming for presentations on the topic of Luis Bunuel and
>"The Documentary Tradition." Presentations may be so narrow as to focus
>solely on Land Without Bread (1933), or they may be so broad as to
>discuss documentary style across Bunuel's oeuvre. All proposals that in
>some way consider the relationship between Bunuel and documentary will
>be considered. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
>-LWB as documentary and/or fiction
>-the intersection of/relationship between narrative and documentary in
>Bunuel's films
>-LWB in the context of Bunuel's oeuvre
>-Bunuel as documentarian/ Bunuel's "documentary style"
>-the documentary tradition/ documentary style and Bunuel's early
>triptych: Un chien andalou (1929), L'Age d'Or (1930), and LWB
>-the documentary tradition/ documentary style in Bunuel's Mexican period
>-Bunuel as ethnographer/ LWB as ethonographic documentary
>-LWB and politics/ aesthetics/ history
>Send 100-200 word presentation abstracts or proposals to:
>Ted Nannicelli
>Temple University-School of Communications and Theater Annenberg Hall,
>FMA Department 2020 N. 13th Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 Or by e-mail
>to: tnannic@temple.edu
>Please pass this call along to friends and colleagues. For conference
>registration and general conference inquiries, please visit:
>Ted Nannicelli

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