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Heh. There's the infamous Color of Fear, from Stir Fry Productions, for
instance. ;-)


At 12:34 PM 1/26/2006 -0500, Jessica wrote:
>I doubt there would be any other copyright restrictions
>But some films are sold with what I would call "contract" restrictions
>In than in agreeing to purchase them, the buyer agrees they are for
>On premise use only. I don't think this applies to a a lot of stuff but
>I know some very high end ( expensive) material can have this restriction
> > Gary,
> >
> > I'm curious which materials or in which situations materials cannot be
> > loaned due to copyright restrictions? I am trying to think of a
> > scenario where that would be the case, but can't think of much (other
> > than if something were a copy made in digital format of an unpublished
> > film for preservation or access purposes, or a digital copy that was
> > made of a film due to it having been lost, damaged, deteriorating,
> > stolen or on an obsolete format and not available in an unused format at
> > a reasonable price). Are there other copyright restrictions for media
> > (that would influence ILL) that I don't know about?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > mb
> >

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