[Videolib] DiscChek Inspector

Pasteur, Eric (EricPasteur@PPL.Peoria.lib.il.us)
Thu, 26 Jan 2006 12:16:24 -0600

I have experience with the DiscChek Eco-Smart (formerly Eco-Junior) repair
unit, which I have used for a few years. After taking a look at the price
for the DC24-21 Inspector, I wonder if you would be better served by
considering the Eco-Smart. $2500 just to diagnose damage is, in my opinion,
an unnecessary utility. Most often, visual inspection will give you a good
idea of necessary repair. For those that are not obvious, the cost of
repairing the disc with the Eco-Smart would save you a tremendous amount of
money. How frequently (# per month) do you repair discs? What is your cost
to "outsource" the work? The Eco-Smart costs $3000, which would allow you
to remove your outsource cost, repair items in-house, and provide a much
cheaper way to diagnose damage: repair the disc, and if it is still
defective, withdraw it. As an alternative to spending $2500 on an
evaluation tool, the average cost of material supplies that are used in
repairing titles on a disc-by-disc basis is minimal. If you have any other
questions re the Eco-Smart, let me know.

Eric Pasteur
Art & Music Dept.
Peoria Public Library
Peoria IL

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