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We have several high priced business training videos that are only licensed
for use for state government employees and therefore aren't loaned via ILL.

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I'm curious which materials or in which situations materials cannot be
loaned due to copyright restrictions? I am trying to think of a scenario
where that would be the case, but can't think of much (other than if
something were a copy made in digital format of an unpublished film for
preservation or access purposes, or a digital copy that was made of a film
due to it having been lost, damaged, deteriorating, stolen or on an obsolete
format and not available in an unused format at a reasonable price). Are
there other copyright restrictions for media (that would influence ILL) that
I don't know about?



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We loan--selectively, very selectively--to other UC campuses only (at the
request of either faculty or students). period. By policy, loaned
materials must be used in the media center/library of the borrowing library
(although I have a feeling that a fair amount of stuff we loan goes to
campus classrooms).

We do not loan:

1. Materials that are in regular or high demand for use in connection with
scheduled classes or ongoing research, including those materials on reserve.

2. Materials that are rare, unique, very expensive, or too fragile to put
at risk through interlibrary loan, or difficult or impossible to replace
because they are no longer available in the marketplace.

3. Materials that have special restrictions to use on the campus, i.e.,
materials that do not circulate at all on the campus (except perhaps for
faculty or classroom use). For example, reference works and other kinds of
materials which need to be readily accessible for consultation at the

4. Materials that are not eligible for interlibrary because of copyright or
licensing restrictions.

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