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Hi Mitch

Yeah, well...this clause is just to universally ass-cover. The most
common application is, as you've mentioned, loaning preservation
copies... I have, in the past 27 years, encountered one...maybe
two...instances of contractual (i.e. license) conditions that
prohibit anything except on-site use by the licensing agency...not
very common, to be sure.


At 09:06 AM 1/26/2006, you wrote:
>I'm curious which materials or in which situations materials cannot be
>loaned due to copyright restrictions? I am trying to think of a
>scenario where that would be the case, but can't think of much (other
>than if something were a copy made in digital format of an unpublished
>film for preservation or access purposes, or a digital copy that was
>made of a film due to it having been lost, damaged, deteriorating,
>stolen or on an obsolete format and not available in an unused format at
>a reasonable price). Are there other copyright restrictions for media
>(that would influence ILL) that I don't know about?
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>We loan--selectively, very selectively--to other UC campuses only (at
>the request of either faculty or students). period. By policy,
>loaned materials must be used in the media center/library of the
>borrowing library (although I have a feeling that a fair amount of
>stuff we loan goes to campus classrooms).
>We do not loan:
>1. Materials that are in regular or high demand for use in
>connection with scheduled classes or ongoing research, including
>those materials on reserve.
>2. Materials that are rare, unique, very expensive, or too fragile
>to put at risk through interlibrary loan, or difficult or impossible
>to replace because they are no longer available in the marketplace.
>3. Materials that have special restrictions to use on the campus,
>i.e., materials that do not circulate at all on the campus (except
>perhaps for faculty or classroom use). For example, reference works
>and other kinds of materials which need to be readily accessible for
>consultation at the library.
>4. Materials that are not eligible for interlibrary because of
>copyright or licensing restrictions.
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"In societies where modern conditions of production prevail,
all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of
--Guy Debord

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