[Videolib] Re: RTI DiscChek 24-41 info (David Wright)

Thu, 26 Jan 2006 03:25:47 -0000 (UTC)


We use the RTI DiscCheck and Azuradisc iScann inspection systems in our
repair service. Both are excellent at determining whether a disc has
damage that will not allow a disc to play cleanly. What they will not
determine is the nature of damage that is causing the failure. We use
these machines mostly as a post repair step in our process to determine if
any nonvisual damage exists. This is what they are really good at

I would suggest that rather than pay $1500 or more for a inspection
system, you visually inspect the discs for scratches that might cause a
play issue. We have some information on our website about how to
determine the types of disc damage. (We are currently upgrading our
website and adding quite a bit on this topic within the next couple of
weeks.) Then send the questionable discs to your repair provider of
choice to make the final determination.

We visually inspect all discs upon arrival. If there is a question about
whether a disc needs repair, we'll pop it in one of our inspection units
and determine if the disc fails. We then repair the discs that fail or
have obvious play side damage. Finally, we test all the discs for
nonvisual damage. No charge is assessed for any disc that cannot be

By sending the questionable discs, you may have some nominal, incremental
shipping costs and a bit of time on a few good discs outside your
facility. However, I don't see the cost effectiveness of spending $1500
or more for an inspection device that will, in most cases, tell you what
you already know. An honest repair shop should not charge for this extra
service or for discs that cannot be repaired. Let them pay for the unit
and save the money on maintaining and expanding your collection.

Hope this helps,
David Wright
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