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Subject: [Videolib] Newsreel Cinema Online, episode 2 begins 2/1
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This will be your last chance to watch online "What Happened Outside
the 77th Academy Awards?" without getting a dvd. Episode #2, "Ana's
Thoughts on Million Dollar Baby" begins online February 1, 2006. Also,
changes are underway in the website design, so watch for film clips as
well as new episodes of Newsreel Cinema Online. -richard


"What an interesting, moving film! I had heard of the group Not Dead
Yet as I began my research, but it's entirely different to hear the
perspective of these disabled people directly from their mouths. When I
first started my research, I thought the only "cons" I would find would
be the more Christian right perspective that euthanasia is wrong b/c it
doesn't show a respect for human life. But the more I look into it, the
more I run across the perspective that minorities, women, the poor, and
people with disabilities will suffer unfair treatment if euthanasia
becomes legal. On the other hand, it seems that in Oregon, where it is
legal, those who choose to go ahead with it are primarily white,
college-educated, middle class Americans. So are those concerns valid?
-- (researcher)

" I just checked out the short film online. It gave me shivers. You have
crafted the film quite beautifully as it captures (as your films seem to
do so well) the experience of being marginalized. This was especially
poignant on Sunset and Highland at the Academy Awards red carpet. --

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