[Videolib] DVD/VHS circulation

Lynn Kleindienst (LKleindienst@stcc.edu)
Fri, 20 Jan 2006 09:01:43 -0500

We have an extensive VHS collection and a growing DVD collection. Loan
policy is students 2 days, faculty and staff 7 days. The collection
does include entertainment value items, but most are used or were used
for classroom purposes. We have experienced very little loss or damage
to either format. It is an open access collection and is located on the
main floor of the library near Circulation.
In addition to loaning items, we have viewing facilities - individual
and classroom - and will place items on RESERVE at an instructor's
request. We do not loan any equipment. Each academic department is
responsible for their own, but with our classroom facilities we can
accomodate small groups or up to 30 in these rooms. Faculty are asked
to reserve viewing space at least one week in advance - individual
students can use facilities on a walk-in basis during the weekday
between 8 and 5; evenings and Saturday they must make an appointment.
Hope this helps.

lynn kleindienst
av librarian
stcc library
one armory sq
springfield, ma 01102
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