[Videolib] RE: Public Library DVD Policies

Celeste Choate (Celeste@cmpl.org)
Thu, 19 Jan 2006 18:59:23 -0500

The Clinton-Macomb Public Library serves over 160,000 people with one
main library and two branches.

--For a typical feature film DVD release, how do you determine the
number of copies you order? Main Library will purchase up to 5 copies of
any hot feature film. The branches usually get one copy each.

--Do you take patron reserves for your DVDs? Yes. Customers can have up
to 15 'active' holds in their queue, be they books, videos, audio books.

--If you take reserves, how do you determine when additional copies are
necessary for purchase? Main caps it at 5 copies, given budgetary

--What is your loan period for DVDs? 3 weeks for nonfiction DVDs, which
are shelved with non-fiction books. 4 days for 'in-demand' DVDs and 1
week for older, not 'in-demand' DVDs

--What is the limit on checkouts of DVD? Up to 15 per library card.

Celeste B. Choate
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