Re: [Videolib] Public Library DVD Policies

Thu, 19 Jan 2006 12:51:34 -0600

Hi Blane!

Ours is a small-to-medium sized library system on the outskirts of a
major metropolitan area. We don't do feature films for the most part.
(The Board decided many years ago that they didn't want to compete with
local video rental businesses so we collect documentary and educational
videos and DVDs). Since we don't collect feature films, I don't know how
helpful this will be but see below for my answers.

> --For a typical feature film DVD release, how do you determine the
> number of copies you order?


> --Do you take patron reserves for your DVDs?


> --If you take reserves, how do you determine when additional copies
> are necessary for purchase?

The ratio at which I consider buying additional titles in any category
of materials is 5:1. I don't necessarily buy at that point, but that's
when I evaluate the situation. (Since we don't collect feature films, I
don't think I've ever had a DVD or VHS show up on my "Purchase Alert
Report." Audiobooks occasionally, but not video.)

> --What is your loan period for DVDs?

When I started working here six years ago the loan period for videos was
three days. No too long after that, we changed it to a week. No
renewals. One week is much easier for people --it gives them more time
to view, and for families who come to the library once a week they don't
pile up fines like they used to.

> --What is the limit on checkouts of DVD?

The limit is 4 at one time. However, the limit applies separately to
VHS and DVD so they could potentially check out 4 of each at one time.

We can talk more in San Antonio if you have other questions.

See you soon,

Vicki Nesting
Regional Branch Librarian
St. Charles Parish Library
Destrehan, Louisiana

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