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Linda Cannon, Collection Development Librarian
Joplin Public Library
300 S. Main St.
Joplin, MO 64801
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Hi All!

This is a question primarily for the public libraries of the group
(though any helpful suggestions/arguments are welcome)...I am interested
in finding out what your collection policies are regarding DVDs; I am
trying to convince my administration the worthiness of changing our DVD
circulation policies such that they are more in line with the other
materials in our collection.

--For a typical feature film DVD release, how do you determine the
number of copies you order? 1 copy for every 10 holds, so generally 1
copy unless high demand is expected.

--Do you take patron reserves for your DVDs? Yes.

--If you take reserves, how do you determine when additional copies are
necessary for purchase? 10 holds, additional copy.

--What is your loan period for DVDs? 7 days

--What is the limit on checkouts of DVD? 3 per card

My current situation: We are in the process of changing over to a new
system (Triple I Millennium), and are consequently reevaluating various
policies with this transition. We do not take reserves on feature film
releases (but we do on just about everything else, including
documentaries and foreign language titles) with a two-day loan period
and a limit of three DVDs at a time. They circulate for free.
Genrerally, my materials budget is not an issue...I can usually purchase
what I need when I need it.

In order to bring the feature film DVDs in line with most of the other
materials in the library, I would like to see us begin taking reserves
on them. This would have the benefit to the customer in that they would
now have a better handle on when they will be able to view a specific
title (much the way they do on current print bestsellers). If the wait
is too long for them, they could explore other options for obtaining the
film (renting it, purchasing it). As it stands now, the chances of a
customer finding a specific current DVD title on the shelf at any
specific time is completely random, which can be frustrating. Taking
reserves would also benefit the customer in that they would learn to use
the new online catalog, and could place the reserves from their own home
(or we could do it for them, of course!). Can you think of any other

We are also looking at standardizing the loan period for I
mention above, feature film titles currently circulate for two days,
while series, exercise, and some educational and other non-fiction
titles circulate for a week. We are looking at changing all to a three
or four day period, while increasing the limit to six. This should
offset any circulation drop due to the reserving of titles. Is this

Any other suggestions/arguments I could use in my presentation regarding
this issue would be most helpful.

Thanks so much!


Blane Halliday
AV Acquisitions Librarian
Collier County Public Library
2385 Orange Blossom Drive
Naples, Florida 34109
239-593-3511, ext. 45

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