[Videolib] Use of Film Clips in Presentation

Sue Parks (SueParks@library.unt.edu)
Tue, 17 Jan 2006 16:01:31 -0600


Instructors in our Sport Psychology Department are compiling a list of
movies and scenes they want to use in their educational sport psychology
presentations. They would like to use the scenes to illustrate some of
the sport psychology topics (e.g., attaining goals, being confident)
they discuss during their presentations. These presentations are to
coaches, athletes, and other related personnel and tend to be at the
high school and college level. They do some introductory presentations
for which they do not charge, though they also do presentations for
which they charge. Will they need to license the use of these clips, or
does this fall under fair use for the purpose of commentary and

Thanks for any guidance,


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