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Hi, Susan

My experience has been that the fancier the encoding machine, the more
difficulty they have with closed captions.

There are plenty of VHS duplicators for whom going from BetaSP to DVD-R
(at least) with closed captions presents no problems at all. The
captions shoot straight across.

Once you start talking about .scc files, then you do run into large

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On the subject of closed captioning, I've just run into a lab problem. I
wonder if anybody else knows the solution.
The program was produced in analog and the master is in Betacam SP.
There is closed captioning and the VHS copy has it.

We want a DVD sub-master, with the closed captions.
The lab says they cannot embed the closed captioning without incurring a
very high cost. Can anyone help?


Hix Susan wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm helping to coordinate an effort to provide closed captioned media
> to deaf and hard of hearing students here at Santa Rosa Junior
> We have been producing captioned videos with permission when we are
> unable to find them for sale with captioning.
> I'm looking for the copyright holders for three titles:
> 1. Robert Arneson, copyright 1983, 17 mins, purchased 1987 from The
> Drawing Society, 415 7^th Ave., #66, New York, NY 10001
> 2. Masters of Illusion, cr 1991, 30 mins, purchased 1994 from the
> National Gallery of Art, Publication Mail Orders, 2000 S. Club
> Drive, Landover, MD 20785, (301) 322-5900
> 3. Piet Mondriaan: A Film Essay, 1980, 18 mins, purchased prior to
> 1988
> Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
> /*/~Susan~/*/
> Susan Hix
> Closed Caption Coordinator
> Media Services
> Santa Rosa Junior College
> <>
> phone: (707) 521-7927
> fax: (707) 535-3733

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