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Thu, 12 Jan 2006 06:43:20 -0000 (UTC)


I've not seen the Paulmar units either but, as you may know, the RTI
machines are resales. They are built by a manufacturer in Japan. I do
highly recommend the RTI ECO series units for anyone looking to purchase.
We've seen quite a number of the machines on the market and in our opinion
these machines are the best. Scott Janke at RTI is a great source of
information on the machines they market.

As you know from your excellent review in LJ, the best machines are not
cheap. For those looking to purchase, I would go with an established
provider (like RTI) over many of the smaller manufacturers out there. At
some point you are going to need supplies and replacement parts and you
want to know the company you are dealing with will be around to provide
that service. Then, it is essentially a trade off between cost and
automation. Regardless of the size of machine you are looking to
purchase, from a financial cost-benefit standpoint, a significant volume
is needed to justify the purchase, supply and repair costs.

Before considering purchasing, you should also have someone in mind to run
the machine. A trained and knowledgeable disc repair technician will
ensure that your discs are properly repaired and not damaged. They should
also be able to maintain the machine properly in order to keep repair
parts and supply costs to a minimum.

I'd be happy to answer questions from anyone looking at the purchase
versus outsource issue. We've also posted a free repair offer on the
VideoNews board for those interested in seeing the work of our disc repair

David Wright
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