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HI Lynn, Jim Scholtz here - I did the article in LJ comparing CD/DVD
cleaning and repair units in May 2004. I didn't even know about the VinMill
or Paulmar units. Do you have websites or any other information on the
units. I've not even seen any advertisements. As you probably know RTI and
Paulmar have been around forever - making 16/35mm film cleaning machines and
later, video inspection units as well as butting heads in the Media Booking
market. I would bet that the Paulmar unit is a 'resale' unit, not
manufactured by Paulmar, but distributed by them. (Hey, nothing against
Paulmar - I had a Paulmar film inspection machine and video cleanign unit
that worked fabulous!!) Don't know anything about VinMill. Thanks for any
information you can provide. I'd like to do another, updated comparison for
LJ. Jim Scholtz.

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Know this topic (CD/DVD cleaners) has been explored before, but does
anyone have anything to say about systems available from VenMill or

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