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I am also an MLA person and can post it on the list serv if you would like, we are getting ready for our National Conference in Memphis in Feb. Maybe you could post it with the job board, or contact University of Ill. Champaign-Urbana library school for a library student to do a senior project (instead of a thesis?) , as far as music librarianship goes, they have some of the best.


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>>> 1/6/2006 2:24 PM >>>
Hi, me again. You may remember that last summer I put out a blatant ad
about our special sheet music collection. We are now in the talking
about doing something with it stage to make it more accessible and
promotable. What we are looking for is someone in the greater
metropolitan Chicago area - southeastern Wisconsin, northeastern
Illinois, northwestern Indiana, or even southwestern Michigan, who is a
music librarian, who might be interested in a special project of
cataloging this sheet music, helping write a grant for such a person,
doing some preservation. I'm going to contact the Music Library
Association, but I thought I would ask everyone I know. This can be
passed on to any interested parties, or names and contact information
can be sent to me. Thanks a lot!

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