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Hi Ralph,
I think you and I are the only ones working today :) I tend to get those that have had some impact or historical - cultural significance, those that had a long long run, or those that won awards. Examples: The Cosby show (blacks portrayed as professionals rather than blue collar) the Jeffersons (first significantly black cast as the subjects of the show) Ozzie and Harriet, the Honeymooners, Beaver (representations of race and gender in the 50s) All in the Family (representations of race and gender in the 70s, award winner culturally significant). Whereas you are a public library, your collection focus might be a little more toward the entertainment side, but still, you can only afford some, why not get the best? Also, instead of buying every episode, maybe get a few years of each to have a representation in the collection?


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>>> 1/2/2006 1:00 PM >>>
I'm coming to the realization that I could quickly spend my entire DVD
budget on TV shows. Does anyone have a policy for buying TV shows on DVD? Or
a percentage? In the past few weeks, I've received requests to purchase all
the seasons of the Twilight Zone, Leave it to Beaver, the Munsters, Voyage
to the Bottom of the Sea, the Adventures of Superman, Undeclared and Kung

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