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<P>I have been ordering the "unrated" DVD versions of some popular fi=
lms because they offer more material that patrons may like to see.&nb=
sp; Saying that a disc has unrated content could mean any number of t=
hings.&nbsp; A previously deleted&nbsp;(and benign) scene of a charac=
ter eating lunch could be included.&nbsp;&nbsp;A "making of" short wo=
uld not get a rating either.&nbsp; Or, even actor biographies.&nbsp; =
Heck, it's advertising, there is a good chance that the "Unrated!" cl=
aim is a complete lie anyway.</P>
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<P></P><B>From</B>: Jessica Rosner &lt;;
<P></P><B>Date</B>: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 9:52 am
<P></P><B>Subject</B>: Re: [Videolib] Unrated dvds
<P></P>&gt; Two things. Most small companies like Kino only release "=
unrated" <BR>&gt; versionswhich has nothing to do with content but wi=
th both <BR>&gt; philosophical and <BR>&gt; financial issues regardin=
g rating procedures. <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; The "unrated" versions of film=
s in which there are "rated" versions <BR>&gt; Generally do add sex ,=
violence or just footage. It is very unlikely <BR>&gt; This version =
would be sent to a library unless is was specially <BR>&gt; requested=
So I would not worry about being surprised by one in a <BR>&gt; colle=
ction. There <BR>&gt; are a very few instances where such a version m=
ay represent a <BR>&gt; directorsIntention which ran into censorship =
issues but for the <BR>&gt; most part it is just <BR>&gt; A tacky sal=
es technique <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; &gt; There was recen=
tly an article in our local newspaper about the <BR>&gt; fact that <B=
R>&gt; &gt; many DVD companies are releasing unrated versions of film=
s <BR>&gt; instead of the <BR>&gt
; &gt; theatrical rated version. I find this very disturbing. <BR>&gt=
; Marketers are <BR>&gt; &gt; expecting the curiousity factor, people=
looking for more sex, <BR>&gt; violence and <BR>&gt; &gt; language, =
will push people to buy the unrated version over the rated <BR>&gt; &=
gt; version. But what we are getting is not necessarily more sex, <BR=
>&gt; violence and <BR>&gt; &gt; language, just more footage. Does th=
is mean that we are in some <BR>&gt; cases going <BR>&gt; &gt; to be =
getting an inferior version of the film? <BR>&gt; &gt; <BR>&gt; &gt; =
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