RE: [Videolib] Anyone using a Disc-Go-Pod Plus machine
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 05:48:17 -0000 (UTC)


Jim's information is sound. If one of your libraries is looking to
purchase, I would first speak with Scott Jahnke at RTI. He is a good man
and will help. The RTI machines are more expensive but worth the money.
They are actually marketed by RTI and made by a manufacturer in Japan.
Very tight tolerances and very good quality build. We use the bigger RTI
ECOMaster machines in our repair business and we have found nothing
superior for the cost.

I can't resist putting in a small plug and tell you that, unless your
library is doing volume similar to or greater than Jim's (500 a month), I
still contend that utilizing a disc repair service is more economical. As
Jim accurately points out, these machines do require personnel, supplies
and the inevitable parts repair. All that mess and capital outlay simply
may create too much of a headache and pocketbook drain. Of course, I am

David Wright

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