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Gary Handman (
Thu, 15 Dec 2005 08:26:30 -0800

>Don't know about the others, but Hour of the
>Furnaces is only available from Latin America in
>a Spanish-only version. If you deal with a
>Latin Am book vendor, you can try to have them score a copy.
>Dear collective,
>I have been looking for these films for the last
>few days – the professor insists they have all
>bee ns screened in the US (he doesn’t always
>understand the difference between seeing some
>thing in a festival/ seminar and buying it
>through a vendor). If any of you have any leads
>I’d appreciate them. The notes in red are my own comments.
>Artist Pickpocket – no information
>The World - not yet released
>West of the tracks – not available
>El Bonaerense--should definitely be available,
>released at film forum almost 3 years ago NA - no institution in the us has it
>Buena Vida Delivery--please find out when it’s coming out can’t find a date
> Memoria del Saqueo--should also be in english - not available
>Hour of the Furnaces--not crucial – not available
>L’esquive--also released here and should be available- region 2 DVD only
>Andrea Slonosky
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>Long Island University
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