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We also just tried to track down "A day in the life...", but with no
luck (other than the Ebay option). However, we found a 23 min. VHS
titled "Bonnie Consolo," considered to be a sequel to the former film.
If you go to and search the catalog for "bonnie
consolo," you should find it.

Lynne Bisko
Non-Print Librarian
Elon University

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We have an well-worn copy of this in our collection, and the faculty
member who uses it wants us to purchase a replacement. My searches seem
to have confirmed my suspicions - that it is long out of print, and that
the original distributor, Barr Films, is no longer in business or has
morphed into something different than it was 30 years ago. One copy
recently sold on ebay, but no others are listed at this time. I would
appreciate suggestions on finding a copy to purchase, not to rent, or
information on contacting producer Barry Spinello. Suggestions for more
current titles that cover disabilities as well as this title does are
also welcome.
Thanks in advance,
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