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"significant number of academic title are already available for IP

Media Education foundation, Films Media Group, and a chunk of PBS
titles...that's it, Mark...unless you know something that I don't


At 04:24 PM 12/10/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Maureen and All - Interesting that the faculty does not want
>video resources to be circulated out-of-house to students. Who gets
>to make circulation policy? Does the faculty get decision making
>rights for which books can be checked out and which can't? Hmmmmm . . . .
>And for your boss . . . five years? She must mean five years AGO . .
>. past tense. Our first video over IP server went up in December
>1999 for full motion, full screen video on demand in a K-12 regional
>service center. Streaming video became widely available from several
>vendors by 2001. Some offer the cost per viewing model. Some offer
>servers and software and let you load your own content and build
>your own metadata catalog.
>In a campus setting video on demand systems make a lot of
>sense. Faculty should be able to assign video to watch in
>preperation for a lecture or lab and students should be able to see
>it in their dorms (or off campus on anything but a dial up connection).
>And, no, Video collections will not cease to exist IMHO. Mostly
>because you will never get digital distribution (read streaming)
>rights to EVERY title in an academic video collection. Social issue
>docs, some features, out of print, rare titles, unknown rights
>holders, exorbitant fees and assorted other issues detailed by
>others on the list will keep many titles off line and in physical media only.
>But a significant number of academic title are already available for
>IP distribution and universities could easily begin to make the
>shift to non-physical video access. Other than money, the down side
>to the shift is breaking old habits of faculty in using video as
>powerful support tool for the learning process.
>Mark Richie
>Maureen Tripp wrote:
>>Some of you may recall that I wanted to begin circulating our video
>>resources to students--currently they circulate to faculty only,
>>and students must use them inhouse. Well, that proposal has been
>>soundly rejected by the faculty. When I said I wanted to continue
>>to press for this, my boss told me that streaming media will soon
>>render the issue moot. "In five years," she told me, "streaming
>>video will change the entire way academic media resources will operate."
>>Okay, I'd like to tap the collective wisdom of the list re this statement:
>>1. Five years?
>>2. Will video resource collections cease to exist?
>>3. And on a practical level, is anyone out there using streaming
>>video as part of a Media Resources collection--if so, how
>>useful/effective is it?
>>As always, thanks for your input!
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