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Well how is this different from buying a bootleg copy of studio film
off eBay other than that it is supposedly going to a good cause
Nice of them to admit it is an illegal copy but does not make it right

Frankly I am not sure why the film is not out on DVD and it is not
>From lack of interest as I know at least one distributor on this list
( Not Kino) was interested in it . It might very well have issues with
Unlicensed news footage.

I doubt it will make any difference but tell your Prof he is no
Better than people who sneak video camera's into theaters to make
Dubs of Harry Potter films. You don't get to buy an illegal copy just
Because you want it and it is not released

Good Luck
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> Hi all,
> I've been asked to buy a dvd of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,
> directed by Kim Bartley & Donnacha O'Briain, produced by David Power.
> The only place where I can find a copy is on,
> where I presumably can get one by making a contribution to the cause of
> Venezuelan revolution. However, the site clearly states that another
> company, Power Pictures, has the distribution rights and has asked this
> group not to sell the dvd. The site goes on to say that they did cease
> selling the dvds, but have learned that Power Pictures has no immediate
> plans to release the title, and therefore the site is giving away copies,
> in exchange for a contribution.
> It isn't clear where they got their copies in the first place, but I'm
> assuming this is all illegal! Does anyone have any further light to shed
> on the situation? Is there a legitimate copy out there somewhere? This
> being Wesleyan, I know my requester will exhort me to support Venezuelan
> solidarity, so before I get involved in being diplomatic-but-firm, I
> thought I'd just make very sure that there isn't a copy out there that I
> can buy with a clear conscience!
> Thanks for your help!
> Margery
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