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Is not going to take 5 years.
We are using streaming video now and guess what professors rather have the
video in their hands.
But they are few projects around streaming video including Films On Demand.
But because copyrights we won't be able to stream the entire collection as
somebody mentioned before, feature films would be impossible.

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Subject: [Videolib] streaming media and academic libraries: the future?

Some of you may recall that I wanted to begin circulating our video
resources to students--currently they circulate to faculty only, and
students must use them inhouse. Well, that proposal has been soundly
rejected by the faculty. When I said I wanted to continue to press for
this, my boss told me that streaming media will soon render the issue moot.
"In five years," she told me, "streaming video will change the entire way
academic media resources will operate."

Okay, I'd like to tap the collective wisdom of the list re this statement:
1. Five years?
2. Will video resource collections cease to exist?
3. And on a practical level, is anyone out there using streaming video as
part of a Media Resources collection--if so, how useful/effective is it?
As always, thanks for your input!

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