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You're boss is sorely deluded...Hers is, I'm afraid, the kind of
bubbly administratorspeak that's based less on insight and real
knowledge and more on on buzz and other ill-gotten notions picked up
banging around the infosphere...

It may be that in five years certain distributors (PBS, MEF, Films
Media Group et al) will make the majority of their catalogs available
online. Great, if all you plan to support in your collection is the
collections of those folks. I have a queasy feeling that there's
gonna be a future trend toward "collecting" based on what can be
delivered over the wire (not on what would best serve the teaching
and research aims of the institution)...all--and only--the news
that's fit to stream, as it were

Even then, I'd consider the ability of campus computing
infrastructure to support online video delivery; student access to
computers; classroom digital delivery capabilities; willingness of
faculty to use online media in the classroom. I've been toying
around with FMG's digital on demand services...nifty front-end tools,
but the image you get is still a 360x240 postage stamp. I've also
been messing around with putting FMG and PBS mpg and streamed format
files up on the library's server. Looks pretty nice if you're in the
library or have access to a T1 line...less wonderful from off campus
over cable or DSL.

Gary Handman

At 10:41 AM 12/7/2005, you wrote:
>Not gonna happen for FEATURE films at least legally
>Way too many rights holders who will simply never agree and
>You can't force them. I am sure however that lots of stuff will be allowed
>to be streamed but a lot won't .
>Gonna be fun
> > Some of you may recall that I wanted to begin circulating our
> video resources
> > to students--currently they circulate to faculty only, and
> students must use
> > them inhouse. Well, that proposal has been soundly rejected by
> the faculty.
> > When I said I wanted to continue to press for this, my boss told me that
> > streaming media will soon render the issue moot. "In five years," she told
> > me, "streaming video will change the entire way academic media
> resources will
> > operate."
> >
> > Okay, I'd like to tap the collective wisdom of the list re this statement:
> > 1. Five years?
> > 2. Will video resource collections cease to exist?
> > 3. And on a practical level, is anyone out there using streaming video as
> > part of a Media Resources collection--if so, how useful/effective is it?
> > As always, thanks for your input!
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