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Janis Allen (
Wed, 07 Dec 2005 14:09:08 -0600

Space is at a premium here.

Our vhs feature films are shelved alphabetical by title(ignoring A, and, & the). Our nonfiction vhs films are shelved by their dewey decimal numbers. Biographies are at the end of the non-fiction, and foreign language is shelved by itself(arranged by language - which is impossible with dvds because they have multiple language options on the dvd) We have all children's vhs films in the children's department, again by feature title vs dewey decimal numbers.

Our dvds are shelved separately from the vhs tapes. Shelving of dvds in our building is a challenge, but the telling lies in the future of our vhs tapes, which are dwendling in number as they are replaced by dvd copies. Our childrens dvd's are shelved in the adult dvds section of the building but in seperate cabinets and clearly marked children's.

Janis Allen
South Branch Library
The Woodlands, Tx 77380

>>> 12/07/05 11:05AM >>>
This is a question for public libraries:
How do you shelve your feature films? Do you have one long alphabetical
run by title or do you subdivide by genre?

Eileen Simmons
Everett Public Library
2702 Hoyt Ave.
Everett, WA 98201

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