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We use sleeve storage racks that are designed for hanging in file
drawers, also giving each an accession number. It takes a bit more time
to find the discs and put them in the cases at checkout time, but we
have not lost any discs due to outright theft since implementing the
system. Our director is looking at using the overlays in the future (as
we use on CDs), but we're not yet sure if this will cause playback
issues or not, and it will not be usable on double-sided discs.

- Be Sprague
Ripon Public Library

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I work in a small college. We have a constantly growing DVD collection
have about 200 now and add a few every week). We are looking into
convenient storage solutions as they take up a lot of space. We're
thinking of putting the actual disks in sleeves and putting those
alphabetically in a locked box. Could folks share how they store their
DVDs and perhaps supply some vendors and products? Thanks a bunch.

Jim Leftwich
Berkeley College
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