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We do the same thing, we get our dvd pockets from Demco. We put an
accession number on the dvd case, which is shelved out on the floor.
The dvd pocket and dvd get the same accession number, and are filed in
accession number order in an av file cabinet. In the case of a title
with multiple discs, each disc gets a sequencial accession number, and
the case gets a sticker listing the numerical range - such as 4-6, for a
title with 3 discs. It's very time consuming.
The Demco product can be found here:

They are called Vinyl Disc Pouches. Hope this helps.

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I work in a small college. We have a constantly growing DVD collection
(we have about 200 now and add a few every week). We are looking into
convenient storage solutions as they take up a lot of space. We're
thinking of putting the actual disks in sleeves and putting those
alphabetically in a locked box. Could folks share how they store their
DVDs and perhaps supply some vendors and products? Thanks a bunch.

Jim Leftwich
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