[Videolib] WV/Appalachian Film Website updated

Steve Fesenmeier (fesenms@wvlc.lib.wv.us)
Mon, 5 Dec 2005 13:49:46 -0500

2005 WV Film Website Updated

Judy Teaford from Mountain State University, who saved my WV/Appalachian
website from destruction in 2001, has finally had the time and the energy to
post my updated 2005 list at
http://www.ferrum.edu/AppLit/Bibs/2005WVFilm.htm. The much smaller
Goldenseal list won't be published until sometime in 2006. Hundreds of
people have e-mailed me as a result of this website and hopefully thousands
have used it to find the right place to purchase their own copies of the
hundreds of films I have described over the last 26 years. My friend Jack
Wright at Ohio University tells me that I need to write a book soon, not
waiting for retirement. This website is the book I would publish - but
unlike a book, it can be updated annually, and it's free. 99 % of such a
book would just be extended descriptions of these wonderful, entertaining,
poignant, and sometimes awesome films and videos. Thanks to Judy, other
AppLit people, and Ferrum College for keeping my mega-site alive. As I
stated at the end of the recent Graffiti interview with me, I consider the
site to be my most important contribution to promoting West Virginia film.

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