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Very cool, Michael!



At 09:43 AM 11/18/2005, Brewer, Michael wrote:
>I recently discovered a means of using WorldCat to identify which
>materials in our collection (in a particular format, language, etc.)
>are unique to our institution, or which are owned by a select number
>of institutions (whose holdings are in WorldCat) around the
>country. I thought it might be of interest to media librarians out
>there for any number of purposes (preservation, collection
>development, circulation policy, etc.). Of course, the results are
>only as good as the cataloging in WorldCat.
>I. Limiting to items in WorldCat that are unique to your collection.
>You have to do a search in order to limit. Because WorldCat has a
>fairly sophisticated search system, this is not much of a problem.
>Generally you will want to use "Material type" if you are limiting
>to media (though you can do the same thing for material in a
>particular language by using the "Language Phrase" drop down box).
>To do this, select "Material Type" from the drop down menu of one of
>the keyword search boxes (in the Advanced Search). Enter
>"Videorecording or Motion Picture". Click "Search". This will
>return a mother load of records, but will not display them
>all. Click "Limit" from the little icons at the upper left of the
>inner screen. Click on "Number of Libraries" and check the box next
>to 1 (and 2-4 if you want to see what you own that is fairly
>unique). Then click on the box near the top that says "Limit your
>results by items in "[Your Library]". Then click search.
>This will give you what you own that is unique for the parameters
>you set (material type, language phrase, etc.).
>The new OCLC collection overlap software can do more sophisticated
>things, but why pay for it if you can get the results you need just
>using WorldCat.
>Hope this is of use to some of you. Let me know if you have any questions.
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