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Jessica Rosner (jrosner@kino.com)
Fri, 18 Nov 2005 10:46:56 -0400

Since tracking down PPR rights comes up a lot I thought I would offer some
basic suggestions

PPR rights are essentially the non- theatrical rights to show a film and may
or may not have any relationship to the company that releases a title in the
home video/dvd market. The company that releases the film on video/dvd ( and
it MUST of course have been legally released in the US) is the first CLUE as
to who MIGHT own the PPR

90% of the titles released on major studio labels belong to Swank or the
Chicago based Criterion or if you have a blanket license one of those two
Similar sounding companies ( MPLC and the other one) . However be careful as
they do NOT cover all titles put out by studio for example Warner Bros puts
out the Chaplin films but neither Swank nor MPLC can license them, ditto
Columbia and NOWHERE IN AFRICA. I believe all of the companies provide a
title by title listing so ALWAYS check. There are in fact some instances
where they DO own a film and don't have it listed. I just had one college
looking for a title Swank HAD but said they didn't and I had to tell them
exactly how to CONVINCE Swank they had rights for it.

Ok that's the EASY stuff. The majority of foreign films and a variety of
independent and classic films have lots and lots of different rights
holders. Kino, New Yorker, Criterion collection , Milestone probably own on
average the PPR rights to about 75% of their libraries and in any event all
of us KNOW who owns the PPR if we don't. However companies like Image &
Anchor Bay own almost none of the PPR rights on their films as they don't
contract for theatrical or non theatrical rights. Some of these films have
rights holder in the US but in many cases the PPR rights are maintained by
the producer/distributor in Europe ranging from big companies like Studio
Canal Gaumont etc or very small companies even the director . It may take A
lot of time & patience to track these down and rates vary from free to
$1,000. My best suggestion for tracking one of these titles down when
the home video company is unhelpful ( they have to know because THEY have
contract with someone) is to look up the original Variety review which will
List the producer/distributor.

Needless to say you can always post here to get help from the list


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