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Here's a Canadian production, done around the same time period.
from CBC,

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CBC Prime Time News
Studies have shown that *girls* do better academically in all-girl
classes. Prime Time visits a public school to compare a *girls*' physics
class with a co-ed physics class, and speaks with teachers and students
at a *girls*' school, another environment where *girls* fare well. Is
there truly a male bias to traditional teaching strategies that
discourages rather than challenges *girls* in the maths and sciences? Is
segregation the answer? A panel discussion follows.

Duration: 26:00 minutes
Catalogue Code: Y8R-93-04
Price: VHS $125
Grade Level: Grade 10-12; Post Secondary; Adult Education; Teacher
*Subject Area/Category:*
Education : Elementary
Sociology / Anthropology / Psychology : Women

Meghann Matwichuk wrote:

> Jean Reese wrote: Good Afternoon,
> A faculty member is trying to locate the video segment Failing in
> Fairness that aired on Dateline around 1994, I believe. I haven't had
> any luck finding it available for purchase. Does anyone know other
> vhs/dvd sources that address the issue of gender bias in the
> classroom, especially as it relates to mathematics? Thanks in advance
> for your help.
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> I'm not sure if this title has been mentioned yet, but we recently
> ordered a video entitled /Gender Equity in the Classroom:/
> It sounds as though it's a training tool rather than a social
> examination of gender bias, and it doesn't seem that it addresses
> mathematics specifically. But, in case it might be of interest...
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