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This is going to depend upon where you are allowing students to view the
DVDs. If they are in a secluded viewing space this alone will lend to
the opportunity. A large sign stating that this kind of act is
prohibited in the areas with an inclusion in the stated media viewing
policy may also help. Ultimately, a vigilant staff will more than likely
be a better deterrent. I had a student
using a small camcorder once a year ago copying a video and immediately
stopped him. I then
informed the entire staff of this incident and asked them to be on the
lookout. As an added
enforcement we have all DVD players facing the reference and circulation
desk so anyone of use can see what is going on when a student is viewing
a DVD.

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Is there a rise in students ripping DVDs in libraries and media centers,
is it just me? For some reason this term we're catching about a student
week doing the evil deed. What measures are all you taking in preventing



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