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Yeah, but....

Stability is a difficult thing to peg down in the case of freebies
(freelectrics?). When I started MRC's web site in the mid 90s I
included huge numbers of links from individual videographic entries
to relevant web sites... Over the years, the time involved in
maintaining and cleaning up these links has been so back-breaking,
that I've radically scaled back (if PBS is out there
listening: shame on you! You're prime offenders of promoting web link rot!)

Secondly: cataloging a metasite like folkstreams is, in my
estimation, fairly useless, unless you give the site mega-cataloging
(copious 500 fields, etc.). If it's worth cataloging at all, it
seems to me that item-level cataloging is the way to go (in other
words, cataloging the individual video titles mounted on the site)


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>If content is valuable and fairly stable, we catalog it as an electronic
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>I stumbled upon today. "The mission of
> is to build a national preserve of documentary films
>about American folk or roots culture. Produced by independent
>filmmakers, these hard-to-find films give voice to the arts and
>experience of diverse American groups. They are streamed on the website
>together with background materials that highlight the history and
>aesthetic importance of the traditions and the films."
>I am just curious, what are other libraries doing about sites like this?
>Do you catalog it at all? How do you let people know about sites like
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