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Is this what you're looking for?

CBS Evening News for
Sunday, Sep 25, 1994


Headline: Sunday Cover (Women's Colleges)
Abstract: (Studio: Edie Magnus) The reasons for the surge in interest in
women's colleges examined; scenes shown from the campus of Wellesley
College. [Wellesley freshman Christy SMITH, president Diana Chapman
WALSH, "Failing at Fairness" co-author David SADKER, Hollins College
junior Susanna KIRK, president Jane Margaret O'BRIEN, Wellesley senior
Yashica OLDEN - talk about the aspects of the appeal of single-sex
liberal arts colleges.] [Vassar president Frances FERGUSSON, American
Association of University Women Anne BRYANT - advance the case for co-
educational schools.] Report from the National Coalition of Girls
Schools on the growing interest in single-sex education on the
elementary and secondary school levels mentioned.

Broadcast Type: Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Header Link 359095
Record Number: 359104
Begin Time: 05:21:00 pm
End Time: 05:24:10 pm
Duration: 03:10
Reporters: Magnus, Edie

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Good Afternoon,

A faculty member is trying to locate the video segment Failing in
Fairness that aired on Dateline around 1994, I believe. I haven't had
any luck finding it available for purchase. Does anyone know other
vhs/dvd sources that address the issue of gender bias in the classroom,
especially as it relates to mathematics? Thanks in advance for your


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