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Hi Maureen

Here's Berkeley's situation

1 FTE librarian (me)
1 FTE cataloger (Library Assistant V ... the BEST media cataloger in
1 FTE MRC operations supervisor (responsible for general admin of the
unit, including student employee training and sup, acquisition of
materials in the collection; collection maintenance, general public service)

About 10-12 student employees who staff the circulation desk.

MRC reports (because of various historical quirks) to the Head of
Instructional Services...

MRC collection includes about 25-30,000 titles on video or DVD and
about 3,000 spoken word audio titles.

Circulation last year was about 85,000 transactions (including both
in-house viewing and classroom use)

Hope this helps.


At 11:21 AM 10/26/2005, you wrote:
>Would people be willing to share their staffing situations with
>me? I am interested in how many staff (professional,
>para-professional, other --and any combinations thereof) you have,
>where your Media Resoures program fits organizationally (part of the
>library, separate entity, whatever), and the size of your nonprint collection.
>I'd be very appreciative (trying to build the case for an assistant
>or some kind of HELP)
>Maureen Tripp
>Media Librarian
>Media Services Center
>180 Tremont St. 3rd Floor
>Boston, MA 02116
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