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Andrea Traubner (andy@filmakers.com)
Wed, 26 Oct 2005 15:10:14 -0400

Please check out these titles from Filmakers Library:

CLASS QUEERS. Focuses on three high school students who have come out and
acknowledged their homosexuality. All three have experienced rejection from
their families but receive support from a special counseling program.
"Highly recommended." EMRO http://www.filmakers.com/indivs/ClassQueers.htm

LOOKING FOR COMMON GROUND. When Massachusetts enacted an anti-discrimination
law establishing the rights of gay and lesbian high school students, one
community was embroiled in controversy. This is a portrait of a community
coming to terms with one of the more divisive issues of our time. Lesbian &
Gay festivals: San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Houston."Well balanced."
Library Journal http://www.filmakers.com/indivs/LookingCommonGround.htm

COMING OUT. Nine courageous people share their coming out stories and how
affected their relationships to their family, loved ones, and the gay
community. Winner of 13 Gemeaux Awards in Canada. "Highly recommended."

DADS WANTED. Because gay and lesbian parents have broken the traditional
family mold, they have many choices to make. This film shows parents
confronting issues on how they will get a child, who will be the designated
parents, and how will their children fare socially.

WE ARE FAMILY. This classic film shows three families in which gay and
lesbian parents provide secure and loving environments for their children.
"Highly recommended." Choice Magazine.

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