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Daddy & Papa (Story About Gay Fathers in America)
A documentary exploring the personal, cultural, and political impact
of gay men who are making the decision to raise children themselves.
Through an examination of four gay male families, this documentary
traces the critical issues that inevitably intersect their private
lives, the ambiguous place of interracial families in America, the
precariousness of surrogacy and adoption, the complexities of
marriage and divorce within the gay community, and the legality of
their own parenthood. c2002. 57 min.
New Day Films

Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents.
A profile of children from five families from New York, Arkansas,
Arizona, and New Jersey who describe their experiences of living in
households led by gay and lesbian parents and the various reactions
from extended family members, classmates, teachers, neighbors and
public officials. c1999. 57 min. V
Cinema Guild

That's a Family!
This fresh look at the changing American family breaks new ground and
lets children lead the way in preventing prejudice and embracing
diversity. Here American children describe their own families and
explain concepts like "birth mom", "mixed race", "gay and lesbian",
and "stepdad." c2000. 35 min.

Straight From the Heart.
Parents of gay children and gay individuals discuss the attitudes and
responses of family members and others toward their sexual
orientation. 1994. 24 min.
Cinema Guild

>Hello, everyone. We have had a several requests for videos on gay
>parenting/gay youth. I have contacted PFLAG, and am waiting for a
>response, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Thanks!
>Becky Tatar
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