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I know others have had specific circ criteria for replacing videos. My
feeling for both video and dvd is - until someone says they don't work,
and I can verify that, they are available to circulate. With DVDs
supposedly better than video (HA!), they shouldn't need replacing due to
wear and tear. (but we know better!) So, unless someone tells you the
disc isn't working, why replace it? Unless you have demand for
additional copies.

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Subject: [Videolib] number of DVD circulations before considering

Good morning, everyone,

I have a question about the number of circulations for a DVD before
considering replacement. I work in a public library setting where DVDs
are the preferred format.

Does anyone have a standard number of circulations they use locally to
determine if a title needs to be replaced? Do you use physical condition
only? Does anyone know of any resources I could access or use to gather
some information?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Jodie A. Reha
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