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Matthew Ballard (
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 08:03:44 -0700

DVDs don't have an inherent point at which they need to be replaced
based on the number of circulations, it all depends on damage to the
DVDs as inflicted by patrons. They don't wear in the sense that VHS titles do.

I don't have any statistics, but it seems to me that double-sided
DVDs get scratched and un-useable faster than single sided DVDs.

I have seen significant damage show up anywhere from only a few
circulations to over 30. We usually wait until people complain to
us, although sometimes we notice it ourselves.

Note that one other difference with DVDs is that you don't
necessarily need to replace the disc, they can usually be repaired
for considerably less than replacing, assuming the damage is to the
surface only.

Matthew Ballard
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At 05:12 AM 10/19/2005, you wrote:
>Good morning, everyone,
>I have a question about the number of circulations for a DVD before
>considering replacement. I work in a public library setting where
>DVDs are the preferred format.
>Does anyone have a standard number of circulations they use locally
>to determine if a title needs to be replaced? Do you use physical
>condition only? Does anyone know of any resources I could access or
>use to gather some information?
>Thank you in advance for your help,
>Jodie A. Reha
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