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Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 8:03 AM
Subject: Video questions

> These really aren't cataloging questions, but they are questions with
> which hopefully you folks can help me. Thank you in advance!
> Kresge Library received an inquiry about some videos, which we have in a
> small film collection. They have never been cataloged, so the decision was
> made to catalog them. In the process I seem to have opened a few cans of
> worms. The videos are copies of 16 mm films. These 16 mm films (stored in
> metal cabinet in our archives) are Howard Shelley episodes of a local TV
> show that ran initially from 1951-1974. The TV show was called Michigan
> Outdoors. Now I have no idea how we wound up with the 16 mm films. There
> are, however, 95 of them. Over time Howard Shelley apparently transferred
> the audio and video on to approximately 20 VHS videos. However, he died in
> 2003 and the transferring stopped. Kresge may not have the equipment to
> play the 16 mm films though we can play the VHS videos. What equipment is
> required to transfer audio and video I have no idea. Another can of worms
> seem to have opened is copyright. These 16 mm films were given to Kresge
> long ago that no one seems to know if copyright was transferred with them.
> With my limited experience I understand that Howard Shelley's estate, or
> the successor TV station to the one that aired Michigan Outdoors, or maybe
> the estate of Michigan Outdoors' actual host (Howard Shelley was co-host
> Mort Neff) could all be suspected of holding the copyright to these
> So my questions are these...
> 1. What do other libraries do when they have something that is undoubtedly
> rare, but do not have the equipment to either play it or transfer it to a
> format that can be played?
> 2. How do I track down who owns copyright?
> 3. I gather that there have been relatives of folks who appeared with
> Howard Shelley in these videos (which show hunting and fishing trips) who
> wanted to see their relatives in the show. Does this count as some sort of
> educational fair use?
> Sorry, this is really off topic, but I really thought you folks would have
> some pithy words of wisdom and advice that would prove quite helpful.
> Thank you!
> Jerri Swinehart
> Library Assistant III
> Oakland University
> Kresge Library
> Technical Services
> Rochester, MI 48309-4484
> swinehar@oakland.edu

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